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How It Works

Glass Lamination … A Proven and Time Tested Technology.

This diagram is an excellent visual description of how the glass and laminated glass interlayers work together. It also shows that insulated (double glazing) is easily achieved.

Laminated glass has been a staple of the glass industry for many years and 'Electric Glass', frequently called 'Privacy Glass' is an evolution of this application which uses an added laminate layer of Liquid Crystal Film.

  • Laminated 'Privacy' glass has many excellent properties:
  • It is Electrically Energized
  • Changes to clear or translucent in milliseconds
  • Offers hurricane and storm protection
  • May be composed as insulating glass
  • Can be bullet resistant
  • Applications are endless

One Caution: The use of laminates will always reduce visible light transmission, and Privacy Glass is no exception. Also, the laminate will pick up a hue from flourescent and halogen lights that will be objectionable. Use only incandescent lighting around Privacy Glass.