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Glass Floors

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Full Glass Doors

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Drawings, Detail & Hardware

Hinges & Locksets: Electrified glass needs contact hinges and locksets to move the current. When we provide the aluminum or full glass door, these all come pre-wired and ready to wire to your power.

Hospital ICU Doors: Patient privacy and patient observation at the flick of a switch. Now you can eliminate those dusty drapes and blinds.

Fixed Windows: We show just one example of the many profiles we offer. For example, we offer Kawneer and YKK products and finishes for a varied and custom look.

Metal Doors: Here also, we are versatile, offering Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless and Full Vision doors with a variety of shoes and trim. This example is one of many available.

Full Glass Doors: Our most exciting product is full glass doors with top and bottom shoes in any finish.These typical job details show just a small sample of what we can do.

Glass Floors: We have done this several times. Consult the factory for further information.

Note: When furnishing custom applications such as these, we prepare shop drawings of every detail, and finish samples if needed for your architects approval of all dimensions and details.

Metal Doors

“We can add electric glass to almost any door type such as Brass, Aluminum, Bronze and Stainless. Please email or fax us the details of what you want to accomplish and the product details and we will work with you to make it happen.”

Metal Frosted Doors  Metal Doors

Metal Doors  Metal Doors